Unforgettable Experiences in Cardada Cimetta in Ticino

15 Feb 2024

Ponte Tibetano Carasc

Cardada Cimetta a journey between peaks and valleys in Ticino

In the suggestive scenery of Camping Isola Gudo, there is a treasure not to be missed: Cardada Cimetta. This unique destination not only offers the opportunity to live a camping experience surrounded by nature, but stands out for its extraordinary combination of spectacular views, engaging sports activities and breathtaking hiking trails. Let’s discover together the wonders of Cardada Cimetta, a place that will make your stay at Camping Isola Gudo unforgettable.

A Panorama from Dream

The exciting adventure begins with a picturesque red cable car from Orselina. Through this ascent, you can simultaneously admire the lowest point of Switzerland, Lake Maggiore, and the highest point, the Dufour peak in the majestic massif of Monte Rosa. The walkway of Cardada and the geological observatory of Cimetta offer 360-degree panoramic views, giving an unforgettable visual experience.

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Sport and Excitement

For sports enthusiasts, Cardada Cimetta presents a wide range of engaging activities. From the Nordic Walking Trails to the orienteering run for adults and children, to the Mountainbike Trail 397 and the paragliding area, every moment will be an opportunity to experience the adrenaline in a breathtaking setting. The arrival station of the cable car also houses a footpath, a unique sensory experience for the well-being of the body.

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Exploring and Fun for the Whole Family

Cardada Cimetta is the ideal place for families looking for adventures. Play areas, the game Noah’s Ark, the swing #swingtheworld, and giant games like chess and Tris will ensure smiles and laughter. The treasure hunt and the recreational trail add a touch of charm, while the picnic area and the five mountain restaurants and huts offer authentic Ticino flavours.

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Magic of winter

When the snow falls, Cardada Cimetta turns into a fairytale landscape. Snowshoes become the perfect way to explore the region, while the meadows at the start of the chairlift in Cardada and at the arrival in Cimetta become playgrounds for epic snowball battles.

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Stay at the camping

Cardada Cimetta is not only an observation point, but an extraordinary experience that combines the beauty of nature, the emotion of sports and family fun. During your stay at Camping Isola near Cardada Cimetta, do not miss the opportunity to explore this jewel of Ticino, where every moment promises unforgettable emotions. Whether you are a lover of adventure or eager for a relaxing break, Cardada Cimetta offers something special for everyone. An exciting journey through the peaks and valleys in the heart of Ticino awaits you, ready to give you memories that will last forever.


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